Suicide Pact Lunch

from by Nauticult

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life is a pissing contest montage
I scalp gods
and run on the track
until my lungs cramp
river raft through blood pacts
where do I exist in these food groups
your fucking junk food
you can play dead till it kills you
Love guru pitching voodoo
mental escape artist hoodini out the stomach of cthulhu
we fly the coup and attack cops
in gorrilla suits going ape shit
on army troops
paratroop nude into your living room
full monty attack your wife in the heart
with a harpoon
my brain is a panic room
hear more in next weeks episode
hit em with the double tap like morse code
my eyes are a venus fly trap
tied in th0e tendrils of your habitat
I aim for the sky and release pointblank
my gene pool is a shark tank

piss on the alter of any indie artist roster
fostered a sense of monster
got the mind of a tortured sci fi author
a deadpan lifespan made of former glories
bitch I'll kill your wingman with all of
your fucking sob stories
I speak in a secret language
lanquid blood banquet entangled
in servetidude
in some places I'm human
in others mosquito food
fade into decrepitude
a blood fued over whose whose
poison the silver spoon
it's all a phase of the moon
man created god in his own image
sync to your nearest gimmick
limpid eyes become astringent
spindled out of the spirit
king of the global village
blood tattered on my visage
exist in a flowerpot of paradox
extensions of counterparts
and chemical bonds
jangled jargon in thoughtforms
tangle in gordian knots
watch your logic fold on itself
burn the social contract
life is a suicide pact

break your face like a sex bracelet
drugs laced with self hatrid
confined by your own placement
mutated oasis I'm a vagrant
give your ass a concrete facelift
so much blood you can taste it
the type of dude to leave your mom
at the alter
stern as a stepfather
hurl over your bars like a pro vaulter
stop treating this rap shit like a
beauty pageant
someday I want to get my shit
together like swallowing metal
and magnets
call me your sensei
when I eat the pussy always
work from the center like fung shui

you can either sink or swim
feel this music like a fucking phantom limb
I got the solution to the war on drugs
let me take em all
said our music touched you why don't you show me on this
fucking doll

practice some hedonism
I'm diggin myself
I'm diggin myself
Get engulfed by the metabolism
of my erudition
feast of shit
in this tar pit ecosystem
the rivers runnin crimson
dance in eternal damnation
The moment where
Swallowing pride becomes
Oral fixation
this is a guided meditation
through the
low budget generations
ragged ejaculation
Nothing new was ever created
without a little expirementation
this process is dehuminization
tongue fire laden
each breath is death verbatim
this is the invasion of the body snatchers
fuck you area code rappers



from Phantom Limb, released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Nauticult Seattle, Washington

Nauticult is an experimental hip-hop trio formed in Seattle. A guitarist, a drummer and a rapper harness digital and analog equipment for a dark, psychedelic sound with background influences of metal and prog rock.
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