Ocean Trench

from by Nauticult

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sometimes when I look in the mirror
I wonder if I'm fictional
I can turn your stairway to heaven into a broken down eliptical
what if this world was
a shitty ass remake
of a movie that
everyone only liked the original
my legacy lives in
others like a blood donor
blood cells composed of ambrosia
pick up line
is wingardium leviosa
watch it all come undone
got less respect than disposable income
pivital force flowing like a fulcrum
My dick is fi fi fo fum
rappers bein a bunch of forrest gumps
this stream of consciousness is a
bottomless pit of godlessness
drop fatter lines than a coke dealer
with parkinsons
I'm a partisan idealogist
skinny dip a rape apologist
in a shark tank full of arsenic
I practically live in these books like tom riddle
so zen I can fuck the pussy into an ohm symbol
spoiler alert
everything in life hurts
this is the disphoria the body horror
strike like a pro bowler
I got ancient secrets in my back molars
my rhymes come harder
than jackin off on a rollercoaster
I'm the
of this death peddling emporium
churning dreams
like morpheus
put you to sleep
like Kevorkian
ferment in the rivers edge
speak spells incantantions and death threats
I put a forcefield around memories of dead friends
roll with dead presidents and violent femmes
sacred texts fake deaths taboo sex
swimming in waters where ancient spirits coalesce
resharpen carbon in this postpardom flotsam
Nauticult got you fucked up like a powerbottom

mutiny, faculties humanly unity
beautifully eulogy
brutally attack
gated communities
welcome to the land of opportunities
it's past your deadline airstrike your hairline
spellbind your peptides line em up like percentiles
stab your neckline with a breadknife
keep the rhymes airtight stick and move like a prizefight
faustian bargians corrosive in my tongue
when it comes to your problems
I'm castrated because I truly
couldn't give a fuck
get lost in the flood
of magnetic flux
I'm like a modern day van helsing
the way I hate shit that sucks

pulse rhythmn ebb flow manifolds
sheep in wolves clothes on runways made of fools gold
at the threshold wet from the mental shipwrecks
underess each breath of it's blood cells and mesh hidden dialects infinite jest
life is a side effect short of breath a flux of derelicts in the head

rewind rewind through time as it unwinds
I'm making that climb
making that climb
immortalize my identity with a war cry
swimming in the shadows of the dead
in dark circles around my eyes


from Phantom Limb, released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Nauticult Seattle, Washington

Nauticult is an experimental hip-hop trio formed in Seattle. A guitarist, a drummer and a rapper harness digital and analog equipment for a dark, psychedelic sound with background influences of metal and prog rock.
Contact: nauticult22@gmail.com
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