Babylonian Floods

from by Nauticult

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The iron bridges
and tiresome day jobs
thirst for your blood
a thousand times a day they jab at you
but you never hit back
heaven is a piss stained culdasack
youth sell crack on the corner of
I'm xenaphobic afraid of the afterlife
coping mechanisms
that's why I got my windows boarded up
Death is sillouette
through it I pourette
flesh in Mirror Of Erised
this is my origin story
allegory of the cave
allegory of the sleep deprived
wage slaves tightropping purgatory
holy smokes
your reminiscent of a dead storage
battery you aint got no juice
nothin flowin
your an old joke
veritable dead prayers
juxtapose between days of old
brittle errogioness zones
my head space is twilight zone
the throes of passions
I can smell the death in folks
bags of bones
burst into marigolds
sanitize wounds drill holes and fill them with soap
eat away at the host
someday I want to be a celebrity death hoax
vultures at my throne
let the vultures shed blood
I'm speaking in tongues
speaking in Babylonian floods
with a tongue more like a war drum
let the flames sit and churn
eat your words eat your words
to the point of no return
I just want to binge watch the world burn

spirited away in the furthest reaches of space
the grittiest villiage idiot
the idioms of all idioms
the illiad in my beaten down lineage
the wounds I inflict
guilt ridden rifts of derelict
prefixed grip of a sunken ship
Life is a crab shoot with the dice weighted
brain stem french braided
giving you a cinder block facelift
sedaded sadist aided patronage and elation
invasive species kill you by overshadin
flippin assonace in the dojo
I'm the head honcho
goin apeshit like mojojojo
with more bite than cujo
you can find Argo off on the
island of Dr moreau
I'm the count of monte christo
verbally slice your ear like Van gogh
the flower petals extinct in my heritage
these thoughts took a thousand ougie
boards and a exorcist just so they could exist
tick tock doomsday gourmet foul play
mental caberet divolve into hearsay
I can turn your selfie into the portriate of dorian grey
right on target
that hell incarnate
we're playing musical chairs
except instead of chairs there all of our fears
we're all starlets circulating the same airpocket
gaspin for air
it's all alkali waste and stuttering
stanzas in cadaver throats
shedding the skin of time
with strident hammer strokes
lame rhymes discontinued
jujitsu your muscle tissue
bite your jugular like Nosferatu
semaphores in our blood

I am the hatrid of your rancid heart personified
transmogrify the sky
bone dry drip dry into fruit flies
our hereos are slowly killing themselves
I gamble my heart away like dosteyevski
eyeballs direction dilirious
each breath is a near death experience
this is the human insufficient condition
we are living in a global village
self image iron deficient plymouth rock privilage
facebook quizzes

I'm speaking in tongues
speaking in Babylonian floods
with a tongue more like a war drum
quicksand in my gut
let the flames churn let
the flames churn to the point of no return
I just want to binge watch the world burn
speaking in tongues
speaking in babylonian floods
I'm speaking in tongues

superhuman labors like Paul Bunyan
in bed your like safety scissors
the way you often don't cut it
death has never been sooner
hop upon the schooner
I am Zarathustra
baby boomer ethics
I am a consumer
heavens gates have been gendrified
sippin from the nectar of poltergiests
eyes full of dentrites
piles and piles of vile
self gratified
I got a soul full of wind chimes
my emotions they spiral andromeda
use your sexual repression and anxiety
as all my erotica
I'm speaking in tongues
speaking in babylonian floods


from Phantom Limb, released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Nauticult Seattle, Washington

Nauticult is an experimental hip-hop trio formed in Seattle. A guitarist, a drummer and a rapper harness digital and analog equipment for a dark, psychedelic sound with background influences of metal and prog rock.
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